Life isn't a destination--it's a journey.
We all come upon unexpected curves  and turningpoints, mountaintops and valleys. Everything that happens to us shapes who we are becoming.
And in the adventure of each day, we discover the best in ourselves.
7,107 Islands. Beautiful in nature and in the nature of its people. A verdant archipelago with pristine beaches to beckon the sojourner and soaring mountains to challenge the adventurer. The following links provide a photographic journey to different places and doesn't attempt to be a comprehensive travel guide. It only attempts to entertain, educate and inspire.

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Photo Journeys

- Mt. Mayon - Dangerous Beauty

  Philippine Snapshots
  Life on a Fishing Boat
  Fisherfolks of Cebu
  Pope John Paul II in Baguio
  Mandaue Beauty Pageant
  Sisters of Tala
  This Old House 
  PAL Manila Terminal 


  - Sagada, Mountain Province

  Paco Park, Manila
  Batad Rice Terraces
  Pagsanjan Falls
  Manila American Cemetery
  Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Shared Journeys

- Six Days in Cebu - Kunio Imamura

  Impressions of a Young Boy on His First Visit
  Prisoners in Paradise - Captivated by Bohol - Maria Bariso
  Brilliant Boracay - Christine Pechera
  Return to the Philippines - Jowie Ramirez
  Ten Days in the Philippines - Ada Chang
  Japanese War Memorial near Bacnotan - Kunio Imamura

 Culture and Environment

  Discovering Philippines - Spanish Archives - Images from the Manila Exposition
  History of Philippine Cinema - Anonymous essay from
  A Painting of Philippine Culture
  Manila - A History
  The Mystery of Manila's Octagonal Cemetery
  National Geographic Articles about the Philippines
  BIBAK -- Igorots Worldwide
  Masferre Photo-montage -- People of the bundok
  Ethnic Filipino Barbie Collection
  Life Cycle Photo-montage
  "Lola" -- A portrait
  Philippine Bishop's Statement on the Environment
  Sinarapan -- World's Smallest Commercial Fish
  Underwater Philippines -- Conservation and Exploration

Bundok - Mountaineering and Trekking

  Out of Africa - Calauit Island Wildlife Preserve
  Paddling St. Paul Subterranean River, Palawan
  Hibok-Hibok Volcano, Camiguin Island
  Climbing Mt Apo -- The country's highest peak
  Philippine Tarsier
  Solo Trek to Mt. Pulog

Family History

 Marvin "Eduardo de Castro" Gardner (1907 - 1955) - Actor, Director; "Zamboanga" considered oldest existing Filipino Film - See Clips on YouTube
 Florence Little Gardner (1911 - 1997) - My grandmother and former Filipino actress
 William Henry Gardner (1871 - 1929) - Manila Police Officer
 Family History Pages


A Holiday in Paradise
  For Students: See Library of Congress Philippines Study
Travelling in the Philippines - Jens Peters Publications
Philippines - Lonely Planet Guidebooks
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